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Projects are your one-stop-shop for creating a deep learning model in the CrowdAI Platform. A Project collects together all of the necessary data and processes into one place where you can manage everything from start to finish.

Let's walk through how to create a Project from scratch.

Click Add Project

From the Projects page, click + Add Project along the top near the search bar. This will bring up a new Project modal.

Give your Project a name, description, and pick the relevant type

of model you wish to build

Give your Project a name (try to keep it short and descriptive, e.g. "Building detector") and add more long-form details in the Description box.

Next, select a Project Type from the three options. This is a crucial step, so be sure to think carefully about which type of model you want to create! For more on the differences between these model types, check out our Types of Computer Vision article.

You won't be able to change the Project Type once you select it, so again: choose wisely!

Click Create. Your Project will be built and you'll arrive on the Project Overview page.

Attach a Dataset

The Project Overview page is a mini-dashboard with some basic information about this particular Project.

The Project Overview page is a "mini-dashboard" of sorts for your Project

The first thing you'll want to do when you're here is tell the Project which Dataset(s) you want to use to train your model.

In the Data card, search for the Dataset you'd like to attach. You can attach as many Datasets as you'd like, but make sure they're all relevant to the model you're trying to build in this Project. (For example, if you're working on a Building Detector, you'll want your attached Datasets to include buildings!)

Click Save. The Project will now create workflows behind the scenes for all the media in the Dataset(s) you just attached.

Your Project is successfully started! You're now ready to move on to the Annotate page, where you'll manage the creation of training data for this Project.

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