Create and manage Credentials

Link your cloud or network storage locations to CrowdAI so you can sync media automatically.

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Credentials are like a secret handshake that lets your cloud account know that it's safe to let CrowdAI access files on your behalf. Credentials you create in your CrowdAI account are stored securely, so nobody can reverse-engineer access to your cloud account.

Currently, CrowdAI natively supports Amazon Web Service's Simple Storage Solution (AWS S3). Support for other common cloud providers is coming soon!

To create new Credentials, you'll need the corresponding set of credentials from your AWS Console (see this article for help). If you have those, keep reading!

Create new Credentials

Click Settings at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar and navigate to the Credentials tab.

Click Add Credentials.

Enter your credentials information from AWS. Here's that article again that can help you get this information from your AWS Console. You may need a system admin or IT team member to help.

Keep in mind: you should create a separate Credential for each S3 location where you intend to store media. If all of your media are in the same location on S3, then you only need to create one Credential. However, if you have more than one path or bucket where your media are stored, you'll need to create a Credential for each one.

Once ready, click Create. The new Credentials will appear in your Credentials table and you can now use them when creating or syncing a Dataset.

Manage existing Credentials

You can return to the Credentials page at any time to see and manage any existing Credentials.

Click on the Credentials directly, or click the row check box and click Edit, to make changes. You can select multiple Credentials to delete them, but you cannot edit multiple Credentials at once.

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