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How to download your annotations for use elsewhere

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So you've finished annotating media in your Project and you want to take that data with you. Great! You can use these labels to visualize media in all sorts of other programs, such as geospatial data programs.

Annotations (also called data labels) can be exported directly from within the Project where they were created.

First, go to the Annotate page within your Project. Scroll down to the Annotation Tasks pane and click Export Labels in the bottom-right corner.

Next, you'll need to confirm file format type. CrowdAI JSON is the default for most media, though GeoJSON and KML are also available for geo-referenced media.

You can keep track of your Label Exports from the Project Overview page in the Label Export card. When your export is ready, click the download link to download to your computer.

Label Export Contents

Label exports will download a .zip archive containing the following files:

  • Index file (CSV) - links each media ID to Dataset, Mask (the label itself), and creation date

  • Masks - a folder containing the exported labels (called "masks") in the file format you selected

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