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Create and manage Annotation Groups
Create and manage Annotation Groups

Understand the settings for managing who's creating your training data

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An Annotation Group is a group of users who are able to perform annotation tasks on one or more of your Projects. In order for annotation work to get done, you'll need at least one Annotation Group, so it's a good idea to get one set up as soon as you can.

Creating and managing Annotation Groups is a breeze—let me walk you through it!

Step 1: Decide who to include

First, you need to know which users to add to the Group! Ask yourself: who is going to label media in my Projects?

Maybe you've invited your colleagues to help you here, or you have some interns who are going to lend a hand. Perhaps you're doing this by yourself, or maybe you've asked CrowdAI to manage this step for you.

Once you know who you want to add to the Group, you're ready to get started.

Step 2: Create an Annotation Group

Click "Annotation Groups" in the left-hand navigation bar, then click the "Create Annotation Group" button next to the search bar at the top. This will bring up the following pop-up.

A pop-up window appears for you to create a new Annotation Group.

Give your Annotation Group a name—you'll want to make it something clear and easy to remember, such as All Admins or Summer Interns 2021. But the name is entirely up to you!

Now, click in the Users field. A drop-down of users currently in your account will appear. You can click to select someone, or begin typing to search all users in your account. You can add one or many members to the Group this way.

Once you're ready, click Create to save the Annotation Group! It will now show up as an entry in your Annotation Group table.

Manage an existing Annotation Group

You can always return to the Annotation Groups page to manage or delete your existing Groups. For instance, maybe a new team member has joined your CrowdAI account, and you'd like her to help label some data as part of a Project.

The Annotation Groups table allows you to manage your existing Groups.

From the Annotation Groups page, you can click directly on a Group to edit its name and add or remove members.

You can also check the row box next to one or more Annotation Groups to delete the selected groups. But be careful: there's no way to un-delete them! If you accidentally delete the wrong group, you'll need to re-create that group from scratch.

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