Upload media from your computer

Add images or videos to your CrowdAI account directly from a local machine

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If you have media stored on a local device, such as your computer or removable media, you can upload those files directly into your CrowdAI account using the Add Media tool.

First, decide if you're going to upload these media to a new Dataset or an existing one.

Upload media to a new Dataset

From the Datasets page, click + Add Dataset.

Click Add Dataset to get started.

Give your new Dataset a name and a quick description, so it's easy to remember where this media came from. Select the Media type from the radio buttons: remember, it's best practice to keep your pictures and videos in separate Datasets.

Insert the name and description to create a new Dataset. You will also select which type of media the Dataset will include.

From the next screen, you have two ways to upload your media directly through your browser. You can drag and drop files directly into the window or click browse to call up your computer's file explorer. Your media should start to appear automatically as you add them.

You can drag-and-drop or click browse to add media from your local machine.

You can keep adding additional media until you have everything you want. Click Upload to finalize the process. Your media will be in your new Dataset in the Datasets table.

Add media to an existing Dataset

Select the row checkbox next to the Dataset you'd like to add media to. Click the Add Media button.

Select the row checkbox for the Dataset you'd like to add media to, then click Add Media.

You'll be asked to confirm the type of media you want to add to the existing Dataset. (Again, be sure not to mix-and-match videos and pictures within a single Dataset! It's best to keep them separate.)

The media uploader will appear, and you can drag and drop or browse for the files you'd like to add to this Dataset.

Click Upload to finish the process. Depending on how many new media you added, it may take a minute or two for them to fully upload to your Dataset.

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